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Washing Your Dreads

It is SUPER important to wash you dreads if you want healthy, gorgeous, CLEAN dreads. We recommend washing your dreads no more than once a week. There are many different dread shampoos and bars you can purchase that are made specifically for dreads. The most important thing is that you want a shampoo that is residue-free and made specifically for dreadlocks.

Fact: Clean hair will actually lock up faster than dirty or oily hair!

We stock Dread Empire and Knotty Boy Dreadlock Shampoos in the salon. The shampoo range currently consists of Anti-Dandruff, Soothing Scalp and Deep Cleansing. We also stock other Dread Empire products such as Dreadlock Accelerator (Locking Spray), Conditioning Spray, Aloe Vera Tightening Gel and Bicarb / ACV soaks. 

We find that doing a bicarb/acv wash every few months really helps keeping your dreads clean and residue free. 

Bicarb/ACV Rinse

Mix 1 tablespoon bicarb with approx. 600 mls of warm water in a container/bottle.

In a separate container/bottle mix 1 part apple cider vinegar with 4 parts warm water.

Have a shower, rinse dreads thoroughly with water, pour bicarb mixture over scalp, massage in and leave for a minute or two, rinse thoroughly. Next, pour ACV mixture over hair, then rinse well. You can add a few drops of your favourite essential oil to the ACV mix if desired, but if rinsed well, the vinegar doesn't leave any smell at all.

The next most important thing is to DRY your dreads, also SUPER important, and we highly recommend using a hairdryer, especially in the colder weather and if you have dreads that are on the thicker side.

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